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Fraud Investigation | Fraud Detection | Fraud Deterrence

Fraud Investigation, Detection & Deterrence


FraudInvestigationHeinz Ickert LLC specializes in the detection, deterrence and investigation of internal and external fraud threats. Extensive investigative experience combined with the in-depth accounting and financial knowledge that comes from years as an auditor of small and large corporations provides the background to resolve suspected fraudulent activity efficiently and discreetly without violating the rights of others or jeopardizing the successful prosecution of wrongdoers.

Fraud requires an immediate response and sound approach to resolve the situation as quickly as possible to minimize financial damages and return operations to normal. Completed engagements have involved misappropriation of corporate assets including intangible property and trade secrets, corruption and financial statement fraud.

Fraud services include:

  • Analyze accounting records to determine schemes in operation, quantify losses and identify witnesses and perpetrators.
  • Reconstruct accounting and other financial records as necessary.
  • Document fraud schemes and secure evidence for civil and/or criminal action.
  • Interview company personnel who may have knowledge relevant to the investigation.
  • Identify missing assets and assist in their recovery.
  • Quantify losses sustained for submission to insurance for reimbursement where appropriate.
  • Interview and/or interrogate suspects to secure additional evidence, establish intent and obtain admission and restitution.
  • Provide recommendations to strengthen internal accounting controls and other operational procedures to eliminate or reduce the chance of a re-occurrence.


Representative past engagements:

  • Investigated and documented $1 million fraud perpetrated by Controller and head of Human Resources involving multiple schemes. Written confessions obtained within 24 hours of engagement with partial reimbursement of losses obtained the same day. Post confession analysis detected other schemes perpetrated and quantified losses exceeding confessed amounts. Full restitution obtained from perpetrators and insurance company including cost of investigation. Compiled report for presentation to prosecutor, both pled guilty and served time for crime.
  • Investigated and documented investment fraud scheme with total losses exceeding $100 million as outgrowth of Federal civil suit. Both plaintiffs and defendant in civil case later charged with criminal fraud and all were incarcerated. Performed detailed forensic accounting on multiple related entities tracing transfer and disposition of investor funds.
  • Investigated and documented fraud against non-profit by former Executive Director resulting in recovery to the extent of perpetrator’s assets.
  • Confirmed suspicion of expense account fraud by Chairman of the Board of a non-profit entity.
  • Retained by professional accused of misappropriation of assets by business partner and facing imminent indictment based on investigative report prepared for plaintiff. Conducted investigation while denied plaintiff cooperation, was able to discredit investigative report prepared for plaintiff. Prosecutor declined to present case for grand jury consideration.