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Bankruptcy Accounting Services Ohio and Florida – Heinz Ickert




Mr. Ickert’s experience includes serving both debtors and creditors in bankruptcy. He has assisted debtors in the preparation of financial statements and reports for the court, development of a plan of reorganization and negotiations with creditors. He has assisted creditors by reviewing organization plans, analyzing the detailed financial history of the company to determine the cause of past financial difficulties, suggesting plans of action to correct past problems and, if necessary, determining if the financial difficulties experienced by the debtor are the result of the misappropriation of corporate assets.

Services include valuation of the entity, including goodwill and other intangible assets, solvency opinions, alter ego investigations, computation of lost profits or diminution in value.

Mr. Ickert’s experience includes providing financial and operational consulting to legal counsel and Receivers, identification of preference payments and fraudulent transfers, solvency determinations, valuation of debtors and identifying and tracing assets of the bankruptcy estate.


Representative Engagements

  • Engaged by debtor to develop reorganization plan including valuation of entity and intangible assets, liquidation analysis, forecasts of operations and cash flow.
  • Engaged to review debtors’ plan for reorganization and review entity’s historical records for purposes of identification of related parties, possible preferential payments and fraudulent conveyances.
  • Engaged to perform a solvency analysis in conjunction with identification of preferential payments and fraudulent transfers of debtor assets.
  • Engaged to evaluate creditor claims and disburse funds to claimants and provide accounting to Court.