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Heinz E. Ickert, LLC, Investigative Accounting & Litigation Support

Finding the answers — The specialty of Heinz Ickert, CPA/CFF, CFE, CVA


From 35+ years of experience in

Fraud Investigation, Detection & Deterrence 

Commercial Damages

Intellectual Property Damages

Divorce Accounting

Business Valuation


Due Diligence in Mergers & Acquisitions

serving as a forensic accountant, forensic investigator and certified public accountant in private practice to individuals, corporations, not for profit organizations, and attorneys.


Services to Attorneys

Mr. Ickert’s experience includes working with both plaintiff and defense counsel as a consultant and/or expert witness. Services to legal counsel include deciphering complex financial transactions and structures, explaining advanced economic and financial concepts, assisting with discovery in the preparation of complete interrogatories and requests for documents, suggesting inquiries to be made of opposing parties or opposing experts in deposition or trial and evaluating the merits of a case from a financial and economic standpoint. See case descriptions on Services pages.


Litigation can be costly. Not having an independent, objective and unbiased forensic expert can be a disaster.

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